How to choose the perfect Indian wedding menu?

How to choose the perfect Indian wedding menu?

A wedding is all about families, friends, fun, and food! Out of all those, every one of us can relate to the last one, not to forget. The whole concept of the wedding gets satisfied with the rightly prepared and served food, which lingers in the tastebuds of the guests even after years.

Most of us have been to Big fat Indian weddings where the traditional ‘virunthu’ is mostly served on a banana leaf(except some buffets), ideally eaten with your fingers and, is a treat to the eye and palate. Most weddings serve a vegetarian menu but the fare is so grand that one does not miss a non-vegetarian meal feel. Though we had enjoyed the great Indian wedding menu, not of all us are familiar with choosing the right menu for the marriages.

We’ll give you an outline on how to choose a perfect menu for Indian weddings and make your guests wonderstruck. Because choosing the food is even easier when compared to making your guests agree to it. Food is one of the most judged factors that can even make or break an Indian Wedding. People comment and critique on any food; on top of family opinions and demands, you probably can’t ignore your friends’ menu. Of course, all the guests are excited about the food. They’re looking for something different and Good. and it all depends on the caterers

Food options as per your venue

Either it’s an outside caterer or an in-house caterer, decide a menu based on the venue. Venues may have certain access to bakeries and caterers that you might not be aware of. Indian caterers can offer items that are non-Indian too, for your non-Indian friends, but be sure if it suits the venue.

How different is your event?

Think of your events throughout the day, including events at home and at the wedding arena and how do you want that atmosphere to be. Depending on the feel fo the events, you can go to a buffet party or a served meal. A variety of foods that suits different types of taste buds is usually the way to go since some guests will be more adventurous than others.

How to choose the perfect Indian wedding menu?

Think of your guests

Think about your guests- immediate family, friends, relatives, non-local guests who are traveling to the venue. The types of guests who would expect a style of cuisines., think of everything. Note it down and work on it.

Dietary restrictions

Think of the diet menu for elders, vegetarians, meat eaters too. Is there any vegan? Are there any guests who are allergic to certain kinds of foods; plan accordingly. Keep the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in different areas, in particular.

Seasonal foods

If you have chosen a seasonal theme, incorporate some seasonal bites. Think of fruits, veggies, soups & salads which are the most versatile with different appetizers and sides. Ask your caterer for suggestions, but don’t hesitate to propose options and opinions.

Providing an approximate count of your guests won’t be that easy always. You can never expect if a single person would eat one ice cream or two. So it’s never an accurate data, it’s always a guessed one. Estimating is a mandate but not an easy job. Plus, consider elders and kids while choosing your menu options. Ensure your food is correctly labeled during the buffet service and also it allows you to describe foods for your guests that are unfamiliar. The reality is that you won’t be able to please all of your guests, but the goal is to please the majority. Make your guests return home with a filled stomach with food and heart with happiness.

If you are conducting an Indian wedding and if you’re finding any trouble choosing the menu, leave it to us. Contact us and Kandha Foods will be able to help you out.


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