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Tips for choosing a right caterer for your occasions

The cue priority of any event could be quality, flavor, appearance of the food and beverages you serve. Your decision of which caterer to hire is of major importance, as amazing catering can rescue an event that’s on the rocks, but bad catering? That may send your guests back to their places, or in nightmare scenario, to the restrooms.

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How To Choose Best Catering For Baby Shower Function?

Baby shower functions are way more traditional in many countries, it is celebrated in a grand manner. Professional catering is a great way to make the function a success. When there is no reason for you to bother about shopping, preparing, presenting or refreshing food, just because you have got the right catering service.

Kandha Foods, Catering & Events, Singanallur offers Outdoor Catering Services in Coimbatore


Eating with friends and family in an open arena is always exciting. But it also involves lots of challenges compared to indoor venue. It can be the most amazing experience in an outdoor setting, as long as you’re prepared for any unpredictable circumstances. Working with experienced local caterer like Kandha Foods, is the best way to ensure that everything goes without flaw and mishappenings, and nothing goes out of your way.

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This blog will give you an outline on how to choose a perfect menu for Indian weddings and make your guests wonder-struck. Because choosing the food is even easier when compared to making your guests agree to it. Food is one of the most judged factors that can even make or break an Indian Wedding. People comment and critique on any food. They’re looking for something different and Good. and it all depends on the caterers.

Marriage food catering from Kandha Foods, Catering & Events Coimbatore


The biggest investment in your wedding day may always be the food. And with good reason. Sitting down for a meal with all your favourite people means a lot for you, quite a special thing. Planning a wedding menu can be scary and challenging, but it all depends on the caterer you choose to rely on. The food not only fuels the party, they also provide another chance to tune in personality and style into unique celebration.

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How To Make Wedding Services Catering Affordable?

One of the biggest expenses of your wedding will be food and beverages. Affordable wedding catering is hard to come by, but there are ways to make it financially feasible to feed your wedding guests. To ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck from your wedding caterer, make sure you are making full use of their services. Here are some topics to make wedding services catering affordable.

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