5 Tips to plan a perfect catering for your wedding!

5 Tips to plan perfect catering for your wedding!

The biggest investment in your wedding day may always be the food. And with good reason. Sitting down for a meal with all your favorite people means a lot for you, quite a special thing. Planning a wedding menu can be scary and challenging, but it all depends on the caterer you choose to rely on. The food not only fuels the party, but they also provide another chance to tune in personality and style into a unique celebration. 

There are many things the guests might remember about your wedding: music, events, takeaways and of course food tops the list, which means the menu must be set on top of priorities. Let’s look for some pro tips on planning a perfect catering for the wedding. 

#1 Plan from the guests’ perspective

Your food menu must be convincing for you and your fiance, no doubt about that. But it is necessary that the guests who come should also enjoy the same. Think of their food preferences and choices, think of any nearby event happening or any auspicious day which flows in, before deciding on your menu. Those things play a major change or challenge in your food concept during the wedding. 

#2 Think of the timeline

The flow of your wedding has to be planned prior to your event. How long you expect your guests to be seated, how and when do you expect them to participate in your activities, dinner time everything has to be sorted out. Allot a special seating time for the main course and extended the fun time for the desserts. Make this a rule of a thumb: A two-course meal, a brief welcome speech will generally take 1-2 hours of time. 

#3 Trying the Hiring

Hiring is required not just for the people who are gonna do all the job, it also includes plates, cutlery, and glasses. If your caterers are not gonna provide all of these, it’s important to overlook on hiring them, especially based on the theme of your wedding. If you are planning for a flower based theme, plan your other props like seats, takeaways designed and decorated in such a way matching the theme. 

#4 Fix up your budget

If you’re planning to make your wedding menu a memorable one, the first thing to take care of is your budget. It all depends on your budget whether you plan a small wedding or a grand one, whether you’ll invite more people for your cocktail hour, skip the desserts everything has to be decided based on the budget. 

#5 Choose Presentable caterers

Choose a caterer who will concentrate on presentation as much as the taste. Be it serving a bowl of soup or a fruit salad, the way it is carried on holds creativity and a personal touch. Dressing up as a fun, food garnishing, serving up food & drinks, getting insta-worthy display everything has to be taken care of, by the caterers. 

Choose one such caterer and make your wedding a grand one, not just in terms of presentation also in terms of look and feel. To make your wedding one such big memorable one, contact Kandha Foods and leave it to us. 

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